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The Versatile Tech-filled Portable Organizer

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What is Natty?

Natty is the Versatile Tech-filled Portable Organizer with Built-in Power Bank , Dual Wireless Chargers and UVC Sanitizer. 

We made this with love.

How You Will Benefit from Natty

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Compact & Stylish All-In-One Design

  Natty is compact but big enough to carry most of your electronic accessories. The integrated Dual Wireless Charger plus Power Bank save some rooms for your other gadgets. 

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Dual Wireless Charger + 10,000mAh Power Bank

No more hassle. Natty is a stylish organizer that you can carry around to coffee shop, meeting room and everywhere with no worry of forgetting your power bank or charging cable.

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UVC Sterilizer Box and UVC Wand All-In-One

 Disinfect everything we touch by Natty's integrated UVC Sterilizer. Use it as UVC wand to sanitize lounge chairs and furniture while travelling, or put the portable devices like mobile phone and earbuds in the organizer to get sanitized.