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What is the cable length of BSport?

The cable length of BSport is 45cm.

Should I use BSport for swimming?

BSport is waterproof IPX4 rating with nano-coating, IPX-4 means: Protected against splashing water from any angle. Please don’t use BSport for swimming, because it is inevitable to immerse the headphones in water when swimming. Even if the headphones’ nano-coating can protect the PCBA from damage, but the sound will cut out because the RF signal becomes very weak in water.

Are these headphones named beatING compatible with my iPhone 5S?

Jabees beatING works with almost all the Bluetooth-enabled devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows phones. So it works with your iPhone 5S for sure.

Can I use beatING to watch video?

Of course you can watch video with beatING.

Can I use BSport to connect to my computer?

Yes, it can be used with your PC or laptop as long as they are Bluetooth-enabled.

Does BSport pair with Samsung Galaxy S5?

Yes. This headphone is compatible with Galaxy S5 as well as other smart phones and iPhone.

How can I change the voice prompt of beatING back to English?

Jabees beatING supports voice prompt in English, Spanish, French and Chinese. When the headphones is on, short press the volume button ‘V+’ and the volume button ‘V-‘ at the same time, then you can select the language you need.

Where can I get a replacement rubber pieces for BSport? Mine have fallen off and lost.

You can purchase the BSport Accessory Pack which includes 3 pairs of eartips. Below is the link to purchase on Amazon:

What are the differences between Jabees beatING and Jabees BSport?

For the differences between BSport and beatING. First of all, they are different in design, BSport comes with the removable earhook and it is over-ear fit, while beatING is the under-ear fit. Secondly, the battery of BSport can last for about 6-hour in music playback, and beatING is with 3-4 hours playback after fully-charged, and this will depend on the volume of your music as well as the music style. Thirdly, BSport is with nano-coating so it does better on the sweatproof performance. Finally, BSport is of aptX for CD-like quality music, if your mobile phone supports aptX, BSport will be a better option.

Will BSport work with audio books?

Yes, they do work with audio books as long as the devices are Bluetooth-enabled.

How can I use the NFC function of BSport?

You can connect BSport with your phone through NFC as long as the phone supports NFC. Please turn on BSport and NFC in your phone, and then place your phone’s NFC reader near the NFC tag of BSport, make sure the distance is required to be 2cm or less, the closer the better.

Can we charge BSport with regular charger with output of 10W or 5V-2A?

Yes you can.

When I plug beatING in for charging what color light indicator will show up to let me know it is charged?

The red indicator on the headphone will be on when you charging. And then the red indicator will turn off and blue indicator will turn on if the battery is fully charged.

How long does BSport take to charge?

For initial use, you need to be make sure BSport is fully charge for at least 4 hours. But at your usual use, the charging just takes approximately 2 hours .

Does BSport have a microphone for answering calls?

Yes, the headphones are with the built-in microphone for phone calls.

How can I get BSport to stay on my ears?

Jabees BSport is with 2 pairs of removable earhooks, one of bigger size, another of smaller size. At the same time, you can find 3 pairs of different-sized silicon earbuds in the packaging. And BSport can be worn without the earhooks, you can adjust the cable length by the cinch to get the headphones fit to your head.

Does BSport work without any musical devices? Does it have internal memory to be able to operate independently?

Jabees BSport doesn’t support the internal memory, so you’ve got to connect the headphones with your cell phone or Bluetooth-enabled music devices.

How do I change the language from Chinese to English?

BSport is only with 2-language voice prompt: English & Chinese. Please try to do as below steps to select the language in English:

Step 1: Turn off the Bluetooth feature on your mobile phone to ensure BSport is not connected with your mobile phone. Please also turn off the Bluetooth feature on other devices if you used BSport to connect with them.

Step 2: Turn on your headphone BSport.

Step 3: Short press the Volume down button (The button is the second button that next to the MF Button). Then you can hear the voice prompt ‘English Voice prompt’.

How about the sound quality of Jabees BSport?

BSport comes with dual microphones which deliver superb wind reduction and crystal clear calls.

Can I wear BSport to run in the rain?

Yah, Jabees BSport is waterproof IP4X rating with nano-coating, you can run with these even in heavy rain. And if the button of BSport is with water inside, it may not work as usual , only leave it for at least 24 hours to get the water vaporized naturally. The buttons of BSport will resume to work normally when the headphone is dry.

Can I skip songs or change volume by using a button on beatING?

Yah, Jabees beatING comes with the buttons for volume and tracking.

Is the volume control of Jabees AUC101 a slider or buttons?

It is a slider.

Will AUC101 work with Bose QC25 headphones?

Yes, it is compatible with Bose QC25 headphones.

Will AUC101 work as a mic for xbox one?

Yap, Jabees AUC101 is the cable replacement with in-line mic and control, so it can work as a mic for the xbox. You can use the cable to connect the xbox with the headphone for chat.

Will Jabees beatBOX BI work with my music I already downloaded to my tablet?

Yah, beatBOX BI works with your music in the tablet. By the way, it can also wirelessly stream the sound from your tablet or phone if you are watching the movie. The speakers support VOIP that means you can use the speaker to have the video call or voice message on Whatsapp Skype and so on.

How long is the battery life on Jabees beatBOX MINI?

For this compact little speaker, the talk time is up to 12 hours, and the music playback is up to 4 hours, the standby time lasts for around 12 days.

Can I use my headphones with Jabees IS901?

Jabees IS901 as a wireless music receiver, when you pairing and connecting IS901 with your phone, you can connect IS901 with your headphone by the 3.5mm AUX or RCA cables, and open the music player on your phone, you will hear the music through your headphones.

How to get warranty help?

Jabees provides 12-month limited warranty. Please send us an email at by detailing below information: Order number; the seller’s link; the problem you come across. Our CS team will reply to you ASAP.

What’s the talk time and music time of Jabees Victor?

The talk time of Jabees Victor is up to 5 hours, and the music playback time is up to 4 hours.

Will Jabees Armband Pouch fit for iphone 5?

No. This sport armband Pouch just the right size that fits for Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 and similar size devices. But for iPhone 5, it doesn’t fit completely. As its size is the same as iPhone 6 Plus, if you use this sport armband for iPhone 5, which will make it look a little big, but it doesn’t affect your use.

What is IPX4 rating?

An object with code IPX4 will be able to be safe in water splashing against the enclosure from any direction. In the case of IPX4, the test duration was 5 minutes with 10 litres of water per minute used at a pressure of 80-100 kN/m.

How to change language of my headset IS901 back to English?

IS901 supports voice prompt in English, Spanish, French and Chinese. When the headset is power on and not connected with mobile phone, double click the Volume up button and then you can hear a voice prompt. At this time, the headset switch automatically to the other language.

Can I answer my phone through BTwins?

Yes, you can use BTwins for handsfree.

Could you please advise the difference between beatING Plus VS beatING?

First of all, beatING Plus comes with the Reflective Stripe for Night Visibility, is definitely a perfect pair of Bluetooth sports headphones for you to Run Safely in the Evening. But beatING don’t have such feature.

Secondly, their accessories also are different, you can check this on the product page of them. Furthermore, beatING Plus come with a pouch. But beatING don’t have this PU pouch.