Review by Gadget flow

Jabees Firefly Situational Awareness Wireless Earbuds

Be part of two worlds at the same time with the Jabees Firefly Situational Awareness Wireless Earbuds.

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Review by Trendhunter

The Jabees 'Firefly' Wireless Earbuds Won't Obstruct Your Hearing

The Jabees ‘Firefly’ wireless earbuds are an advanced piece of equipment for modern technology users that will provide them with a way to stay connected without obstructing hearing capabilities.

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Review by Geeks are sexy

Jabees Firefly – A Cheap Pair of True Wireless Earbuds With Tons of Innovative Features

Looking for a great pair of true wireless earbuds with features that no one else offers (that I know of,) then look no further than the Jabees Firefly.

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Review by Techmash

Jabees Firefly! Situation awareness wireless earbuds!

Be in two worlds at once. Get lost in your favorite songs and have full awareness of your outside surrounding when you want it.

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Review by Thenextweb

Jabees’ wireless earbuds are good for the gym, but can’t compete with AirPods

The latest company to throw its hat into this tiny, easily lost ring is Jabees. It has successfully raised $161,003 in funds on Indiegogo for its Firefly headphones and we got to try them out.

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Review by The Daily Want

Be in Two Worlds at Once With Firefly Wireless Earbuds

If you can’t be without your podcasts or commute jams, but you tend to find yourself almost getting sideswiped by a bike (since you didn’t hear “on your left!”), you need the Firefly wireless earbuds from Jabees.

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Review by YouTube: PhoneDog

Best Tech of July 2018!

The July installment of “Best Tech.” While we typically focus on smartphones, our “Best Tech” series expands our scope of interest and lets us take a look at the various devices our smartphones can control. Which device is your favorite?

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Review by T for Technology

Ultra-fast charging, ambient mode, and more with Firefly wireless earbuds

Firefly remote earbuds were ostensibly the flashpoint for the really remote earbuds industry. The market has seen models propelled by huge and no-name organizations alike, some with almost idealize usefulness, others that are scarcely usable.

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Review by Newfoxy


Hong Kong startup Jabees has now launched its first Kickstartercampaign taking orders for its new wireless earbuds called Firefly.

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Review by Geeky Gadgets

Firefly Advanced Situational Awareness Wireless Earbuds

The Jabees Firefly wireless earbuds have been designed to provide users with advanced situational awareness as well as offering Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, voice-controlled artificial intelligence that is compatible with both Siri and Google Assistant.

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Review by twitiq

Bluetooth 5 Set To Enhance The Connectivity Options For Millions

Jabees latest offering happens to be the world’s very first Bluetooth 5 powered true wireless ear buds. It has price tag of just $59 which is simply the cheapest offering anywhere on the planet.

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Review by Qooah

Jabees Firefly 藍牙無線耳機,Kickstarter 眾籌平一半

Firefly 採用早預定享優惠的策略,早預定購買享受特價 64美元(約HK$500 或 NT$1920 ),否則正式發售則調整為 113美元(約HK$890 或 NT$3400 ),喜歡的用戶還是提前到 Kickstarter 購買吧。

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Review by New Atlas

Firefly wireless earbuds offer fast charging and Bluetooth 5.0 at a budget price

The charging case offers 16 hours of extra play time and can reportedly charge the earbuds up to 60 percent in just ten minutes.

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Review by Pconline


Firefly 现已登陆 Kickstarter,感兴趣的早鸟可享受 64 美元的特价(约 409 RMB)。

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Review by Slashgear

Firefly wireless earbuds: ultra-fast charging, ambient mode, and more

Now that these wire-free earbuds are more common and competition is stronger, we’re seeing makers pack increasingly useful features into their own offerings. Firefly is no exception.

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Review by Appleworld

Jabees Firefly wireless earbuds: Fast-charging and designed for situational awareness

While most are AirPod wannabes or typical Bluetooth earbuds, the Jabees Firefly wireless earbuds I recently received for testing have some features that make them a standout in a crowded market.

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Review by TECHABLE

急速充電に対応のワイヤレスイヤホン「Firefly」!SiriやGoogle Assistantにも簡単アクセス

使いだしたら手放せなくなるのが完全ワイヤレスイヤホン。コードから解放されることによるストレスフリーぶりは想像するよりもはるかに大きい。 ただ一点、課題があるとすればバッテリーが切れたときには無力なこと。普段イヤホンを意識…

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Review by Digital Trends

The Firefly wireless earbuds give you 2 hours of music for 10 minutes of charge

So how fast is fast? As per the Firefly’s Kickstarter page, 10 minutes of charge time will give you up to two hours of playtime. Alternatively, if you leave your Firefly in its charging case for 30 minutes, you should get up to four hours of use.

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Review by Cnbeta


由香港初创企业 Jabees 打造的 Firefly 蓝牙无线耳机,现已在 Kickstarter 平台上发起众筹预定。

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Review by Forbes

Check out at Forbes to get more info on BTwins

Why wait for the AirPod? Check out at Forbes to get more information on Jabees BTwins as one of the 3 truly wireless earbuds work great and are available now!

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Firefly are the latest true wireless earphones seeking your attention

The Firefly is looking to attract you with a cutthroat price of $59USD which is probably one of the most affordable prices we’ve seen.

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Review by Forbes

These True Wireless Earbuds With Bluetooth 5.0 Cost Just $59

Best of all, the Firefly has a pre-sale price almost half that of the previous BTWins: $59.

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Q9 introduction by Category5 TV Network

Q9 introduction by Category5 TV Network

The Jabees Q9 Desk Lamp packs some bonus tech features that we don’t see in a lot of desk lamps of this sleek form factor.

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Review by MajorHiFi

Thanks MajorHiFi for the article about AMPSound!

AMPSound headphones are a hearing-aid like sound amplifier and a wireless Bluetooth headset all in one. #BoostSound #AMPSound

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Review by MobileTechTalk

Jabees BTwins Earbuds - AirPods Killer?

Are Jabees BTwins a good alternative to Apple’s AirPods? MobileTechTalk said yes!

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Review by EpicReivewGuys

Check out the reivew on AMPSound by EpicReivewGuys

View the AMPSound review video by EpicReviewGuys who has more than 120,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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Review by Flossy Carter

Jabees BSport Review

Jabees BSport Review by Flossy Carter

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Have you seen AMPSound feature in TECHAERIS?

With the number of Bluetooth earbuds and headphones flooding the market, companies are doing their best to try and stand apart from the competition. Jabees has launched an Indiegogo campaign for their

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Check out AMPSound features on REVIEW MAGAZINE!

Use AMPSound as private listening to amplifiers, Bluetooth stereo headphones or a Bluetooth earpiece for telephone calls.

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Review by SocialandTech

Review on BSport by SocialandTech in Italy

Cuffie sport per tutti e con un suono davvero ottimo, stiamo parlando delle cuffie Bsport della nota marca Jabees.

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Review by Category5 TV Network

Review on AMPSound by Category5 TV Network

It’s hard to review earbuds since you can’t hear what we hear, but AMPSound works great, and the entire design is extremely impressive. From a hard-shell carrying case that doubles as a recharger for

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Check out the feature of AMPSound by SPLURJJ.COM.

The AMPSound is an easy-to-use, personal hearing stereo amplifiers that double as rechargeable Bluetooth headphones.

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Review by Macworld

AMPSound @Macworld 'The Week in iOS Accessories'

Personal Bluetooth Amplifiers & Earbuds ($199 MSRP; $99 for “early bird” pledge at Indiegogo) can be used as as “personal hearing amplifiers,” Bluetooth stereo headphones, or a Bluetooth earpiece for

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Review by Gadgetsin

Check Out What Did Gadgetsin say about AMPSound.

AMPSound Bluetooth earbuds not only produce high-quality stereo audio, but also deliver quality hearing amplifiers, and detachable battery capsules are a new way to charge the earbuds.

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Review by MacTrast

Take a look at what MacTrast said about AMPSound.

If you’re as old as me, (I’m not old as dirt, but I did participate in the beta test), you probably don’t hear as well as you once did. This can be frustrating. If you’re also in the same financial

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Introducing AMPSound on DIGITAL TRENDS

These headphones don’t just drown out the world, they help you hear it better.

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Review by Gulfprices

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2016 ‘AMPSound’ Hearing Aid Ear Bud, Review.The AMPSound earplugs by Jabees located in the conveying step, and it would be a blessing for the hearing-impaired community, if they are successful.

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Review by Gadgeteer

Check out Q7 feature in The Gadgeteer!

If you have a family of Gadgeteers, you most likely have a variety of USB cables and charging docks positioned all over your house. Check out how Jabees Q7 can help to keep your devices organized.

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Review by TrendHunter

Check out AMPSound feature in TrendHunter!

‘AMPSound’ Plays Music and Takes Calls While Doubling as a Hearing Amplifier

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