Accessories you Need for Gaming

Accessories you Need for Gaming

Games have been in the beginning even when the electricity started. You used to play with your friends with your local games like the tag of war, Legged-Race, Hopscotch and many more and the era of Video games arrived. 

A short history of Video games, in 1952, A.S. Douglas created the first graphics-based computer game, a version of Tic-Tac-Toe. This project was part of his thesis at the University of Cambridge. And in 1958, William Higinbotham created the first true video game the Tennis for Two and the evolution of video games continued and many inventors created and improved more video games.  And now, we can play high graphics and exciting video games on our devices. 

The best thing about video games today is that technology evolved dramatically, you can connect with people across the globe. That's why there's always a celebration for Video Games Day every 12th September to enjoy and connect with your friends and family with exciting games. Research shows that some video games can enhance the grey matter in your brain, ultimately growing it because of teamwork and problem-solving in video games. You can also discover or enhance your skills from communication skills to problem-solving. 

There are a lot of accessories and technologies in the market right now selling good products for the video games experience. And one of those is Jabees,  Firefly Vintage and  AUC102, the best accessories for your video games. 

Firefly Vintage

The best gaming earbud packs some amazing features, such as Gaming Mode, Dual Microphones and aptX Bluetooth 5.2 technology. Firefly Vintage has an outstanding battery life of up to 10 hours of music playtime, they're perfect for marathon mobile gaming sessions.


Designed for gaming headphones and it's compatible with almost all 3.5mm devices. It has a volume slider and an On/Off button for quick and easy control over your game.


Either you are a professional gamer or just a friend who wants to hang out you can totally play together and have fun. Bring out your old PlayStation, Xbox, Gameboy or download App games on your phone. The important thing is in your Video Games Day you can connect with other gamers having fun on a mission together, whether taking down an enemy or simply winning a game. 


Video Games Day (12th September) – Days Of The Year

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