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Jabees, the name perfectly describes what we envisioned. J for Joy, because joy is what our products bring to customers. Bees for the stakeholders, associates and customers, all working together to fulfill a promise, and a dream: To deliver the very best personal listening devices on the planet. Today, Jabees is registered in over 40 countries, creating products that solve everyday problems for everyday people. Our own ISO9001:2000 certified factory and in-house R&D allows us to control every factor and deliver a superior product. With 13 years in the Bluetooth and audio industry, we have the expertise, the knowledge and facilities to deliver cutting-edge personal devices that make people smile. That’s what Jabees is all about.



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 In-House Product Research & Design Team
Our in-house R&D team loves to create the cutting-edge products that improve people’s daily life and style.


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In-House Quality Control & Production Facilities This is what we always believe and persist. With all the in-house advanced testing equipments, the quality is guaranteed. 


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