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New! SERENITY Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Headphones!

New! SERENITY Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Headphones! 0

Getting a good night’s rest seems to be an even more challenging endeavor nowadays. Previously a problem for light-sleepers, disruptions and distractions come in many shapes and forms. The National Sleep Foundation estimates that roughly 30% of the general population suffers from insomnia. With today’s worries and stressors, we expect this figure to rise. We wanted to put an end to lost sleep with our SERENITY Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask Headphones.

Multiple factors play a crucial role in eye-mask headphones for sleeping. One factor is eye-mask comfort: Since you will be wearing this all night, you will not want to compromise on material or fit. Next, you will want a device that uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology to eliminate tangled cords and wires if you toss and turn. Then, you’ll want to consider the fit of the headphones. While having superior sound quality makes a big difference, so does the actual design of the earbuds. You want to be comfortable while you sleep, especially if you are a side sleeper. Finally, you will want to consider battery life. Your headphones will not be able to block out ambient noise if it runs out of battery part-way through the night.

Here’s how the SERENITY stacks up.


Superior Comfort and Light-Blocking

Light sleepers rejoice: You can sleep anywhere, even without blackout curtains. The contoured design details all over allow the overall shape to fit snugly across the nose and completely blocks out all light. SERENITY uses memory foam to cushion the delicate eye area. Unlike a traditional Eye-Mask, this reduced pressure on the eyes revolutionizes sleep comfort.


Wireless Music With Voice Command

Not only does music help block ambient noise, but it also does wonders to help you relax for bedtime. The tiny earplugs house powerful 6mm drivers to produce a wide range of soothing sleep sounds. You don't have to compromise your favorite sleeping position to listen to your favorite tunes. Lastly, the voice-activated feature means that you can issue hands-free commands too: You don't have to fumble around when you're trying to relax.


Easily Washable

Hygiene is crucial, especially for a product that you will be wearing for hours on end. The SERENITY is so easy to clean: simply remove the earplugs and Bluetooth module from the eye mask, hand-wash it with a skin-friendly detergent, and hang dry. Your SERENITY is now clean and refreshed for your next use!


Battery Life That Lasts

With 10 hours of active music playback, SERENITY has you covered even if you decide to sleep in. On top of this, the Eye-Mask has 100 hours of Stand-by Time, so you can power it on within a moment’s notice for an extended amount of time in between charges. This is a significant feature to have when traveling, which makes this the perfect Headphones Eye-Mask for on the go.

We are excited to share SERENITY with everyone, and hope that you find your good night’s rest soon!

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New Items In A New Collection! Introducing The Jabees Travel Collection!

New Items In A New Collection! Introducing The Jabees Travel Collection! 0

It can be tough coping with canceled plans due to recent changes happening around you. With these changes comes shifting priorities in life. As a result, some of you may be reuniting with family far away for the first time in years or even decades. For others, you may finally be venturing somewhere new after being stuck for so long. Human connection is what keeps us alive, and traveling plays such a huge role. We're here to help. We've put together the Jabees Travel Collection so you can travel safer now and going forward.

Sleep Serenely

NEW! SERENITY Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask Headphones

A lot of people have a hard time falling asleep quickly somewhere new, especially if there’s a lot of ambient noise and traffic. Our new SERENITY Bluetooth Sleep Mask is designed to cocoon your eyes with darkness and your ears with soothing soundscapes. We did this by using super soft memory foam in the mask and inserting ergonomic 6mm earpieces, which accommodate even side-sleepers. It is easy to wash and keep clean, so you can rest comfortably night after night.

Sterilize Your Belongings

JB-BOX UV Sterilizer Box and NEW! JB-WAND Handheld Sterilizer

In addition to washing your hands regularly, health organizations also recommend cleaning high touch surfaces frequently. Use the JB-BOX for sensitive items such as your cellphone and personal electronics, especially since these items might not stand up to cleaning by chemicals, heat, or liquids. With multiple modes of use and its portable size, it’s the perfect way to bring the power of UV Sterilization with you on your next trip.

We are also excited to reveal our JB-WAND: Our newest Handheld Sterilization Device! The wand is super for sterilizing larger areas with just a click of a button. Use this to sanitize lounge chairs and furniture during your travel or commute, safely removing up to 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces. 

Organize and Recharge Your Wearable Devices

4Charge Charging Case

If there is one thing even more stressful than losing your Bluetooth earbuds in your luggage while rushing to pack, it is also finding out too late that they haven't been charged. The 4Charge not only organizes your smallest devices, but it will recharge them too. The mesh sleeve compartmentalizes your electronics, and the powerful built-in battery will charge up to two devices at the same time. This is a great companion to SERENITY's Bluetooth module, so you have a fully charged sleep mask ready for when you turn in later that night.

Power Your Travel

JPW1 Power Bank

Whether you are traveling by plane, bus, train, or car, you need a reliable power source that goes the distance. What makes JPW1 stand out as a Power Bank is its capacity: At 10,000 mAh, you can power two devices simultaneously. Plus, with its remaining battery life and charging status indicator, you can be confident that all of your electronics are getting recharged fully. 

Go Forth Fearlessly

TCM1 Universal Travel Adapter

For international travel, the TCM1 Universal Travel Adapter will ensure that you get the power you need. Gone are the days stressfully trying to figure out which adapter to pack for your destination: This adapter supports most outlets around the world. Plus, it comes with three USB ports and a USB Type-C port to further charge your essential electronics, powering up to five total devices at once. This is the ultimate solution in universal travel adapters.

Wherever life takes you, in the next few weeks or in the next few years, the Jabees Travel Collection is here for you, so your next trip goes smoothly without a hitch.

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Songs To Soothe Your Country Blues

Songs To Soothe Your Country Blues 0

Country fans, we hear you: With Trailblazer, CMA Fest, and even Hometown Rising canceled, it certainly feels like a bummer year for gathering together with friends and family for music.

Until next time you're on the road, listen to some favorites on Firefly Pro, our waterproof true wireless earbuds. No matter how you're feeling, there's a country music video for you:

  • Dierks Bentley - Living
    Although this song came out a year ago, it is still just as wholesome and beautiful. This song was filmed with Dierks and his son Knox, and is well worth a re-listen.

  • Carrie Underwood - Southbound
    The Queen of Country captures 'small town spring break' feels in this song, complete with boating at the lake and 2 for 1 margaritas at the marina. Pop open a cold one and click the link for the official music video.

  • Blake Shelton - Nobody But You (Duet with Gwen Stefani)
    Blake Shelton recently released this duet with Gwen Stefani and it really has you falling in love all over again. Next time you want to set the mood for your dinner date at home, put this on.

  • Old Dominion - Some People Do
    When this music video came out, we agreed that this is one of the most inspirational music videos to come out this year. Watch the official music video to feed your soul, and watch out for those tears.

  • Bebe Rexha - Meant to Be (feat. Florida Georgia Line)
    Can you believe that this song has been out for three years now? This is the perfect song for taking it easy and staying strong, no matter what you're going through. Definitely a favorite song by many!

Let us know if you have any favorite country songs that you like to listen to. Take it easy, and see you next time!

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Until Next Time, Check Out These Newest EDM Tracks

Until Next Time, Check Out These Newest EDM Tracks 0

Although lockdown restrictions are being lifted in parts of the world, festivals like Coachella, EDC, and Ultra Music Festival have been postponed until next year. What do you do if you've already rewatched your favorite past lineups dozens of times?

Solution: Use Beebud, our Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds, to catch some of the newest drops by your fave artists. We have some tracks that came out recently, check them out below:

  • DNMO - Broken Record (ft. MOONZz)
    DNMO makes a debut on bitbird with this song. According to DNMO, this song was written quite a few years ago. The reason he is releasing it now is that he feels that the music will resonate with everyone's emotions, especially given the current circumstances.

  • Hayden James & Icona Pop - Right Time 
    This song perfectly captures some of the best nights ever with your festival family. The tune is perfectly catchy, thanks to Icona Pop's collab with Hayden James. The heart-filled lyrics are bound to get stuck in a few heads!

  • Armin van Buuren & Brennan Heart feat. Andreas Moe - All On Me
    Armin van Buuren
    Trance legend Armin van Buuren teamed up with Dutch DJ Brennan Heart to drop this all-new track this past month. The song is reminiscent of hot summer nights spent dancing with your best buds.

  • Bloom Line - 66 Days (ft. Emilia Ali)
    Metanoia Music
    Emilia Ali's soothing vocals bring a cafe-pop element to Bloom Line's electronic beats. The bright composition reminds you of days spent on pristine beaches by the ocean.

  • Galantis & Wrabel - The Lake
    This Galantis and Wrabel collab has you thinking of escaping to a peaceful hideaway. They released this inspirational track in response to everything going on in the world right now. Hopefully, it has you looking forward to returning to your 'house on the lake'.

We hope you liked one of these songs! Cheers to hearing these live when you reunite with your best friends under the electric sky in 2021!

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