How to Survive Long Flights

How to Survive Long Flights

Nowadays there are many direct flights halfway around the world but also flights are longer than ever. In this article, we are going to share some tips for long flights.

What to Wear

The number one most essential thing for a long flight is feeling and being comfortable. That means wearing comfortable clothes, especially ones that are layered. Layered clothes for long flights are crucial.

Plane temperatures fluctuate a lot in the air. Sometimes it's really cold. Sometimes it's really hot and you're just sweating. And if you're wearing clothes that are just one layer and aren't buildable, you are going to be so uncomfortable.

Our recommendation for what to wear on a flight is some sort of stretchy, breathable, flowy type of bottom and it's not putting any strain or pressure on your stomach. For example, yoga pants, leggings, or flowy linen pants.

Bare Face Is the Best Face

If you're wearing makeup, take your makeup off, bring some makeup wipes and do your whole skincare routine or just don't wear makeup. Wearing makeup that long on a plane is going to definitely significantly raise your chances of getting some sort of skin breakouts. So just have a nice fresh face.

If You Wear Contacts

If you wear contacts, take them out at the beginning of the flight. The air in an airplane is very drying and your eyes are going to dry out and get extremely irritated and red. If you want to be wearing your contacts when you arrive at your destination, just put them in like 30 minutes before you land. So that way your eyes aren't getting dried out, they're not getting irritated and bothered for no reason.

Always Bring This with You

A crucial thing that you should have in your personal item handy and ready to go is a reusable water bottle filled up with water. Just bring it empty and fill it up once you get through security. When you get thirsty, you already have your water. You don't have to wait for the flight attendant to come around.

Use Sleep Eye Mask Headphones

If you have trouble falling asleep in an airplane or you enjoy listening to music on long flights, grab sleep eye mask headphones.

Made by Jabees, SERENITY is 2-in-1 Bluetooth sleep mask headphones that can improve your sleep quality. They provide you with wireless music, 11-hour battery life and 130 hours of standby time.

Also, these portable and lightweight headphones with a comfortable fit are managed to deliver high-resolution music to your ears. On the usability front, the headphones boast Bluetooth 5.0, providing some serious competition to other manufacturers.

In addition, the mask comes with memory foam to provide softness, comfort and 100% light blocking.

It’s easy to use, just place the mask on your head and put the earplugs in your ears. Grab the SERENITY and handle your next long flight like a boss.





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