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Top Podcasts to Listen to While Doing Housework

Top Podcasts to Listen to While Doing Housework 0

Spring is here and with it comes Spring Cleaning! However, especially if you've got family or roommates, you may want to tune out their music and listen to something else this weekend. Listen to some podcasts using our Firefly.2 headphones, which are waterproof true wireless earbuds with a battery life that lasts. You can listen to anything, from the news to comedy, all day long.

Join in on the fun: 49% of podcast listeners do so at home! Here are some top podcasts to try this season:

  • Serial
    Sarah Koenig hosts this true-crime podcast. One true story is told throughout a season and keeps the listeners on the edge of their seats. There are currently three seasons out, and Serial has won many broadcasting awards, such as the duPont-Columbia, Scripps Howard, and a Peabody. Catch this on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Pandora. They also have a website with more information here:

  • Judge John Hodgman
    Humorist John Hodgman hosts a comedy podcast where he acts as the presiding judge, with Jesse Thorn as bailiff, mediating real-life disputes within a fictional courtroom. The "lawsuits" include hilarious questions such as "Can I make my spouse finish packing by 10 PM the day before travel?" and "Can I bring hot sauce with me when dining out?". You can find more information here:

  • 99% Invisible
    Host and creator Roman Mars delves into the intricacies of all of the underrated design and architecture that shapes our daily lives. From interviewing the creator of custom ringtones to discussing airport design, Mars gets the listener thinking about new concepts and ideas. Wired, Business Insider, and Forbes have all featured this Kickstarter-funded podcast. More information here:

  • Everything Is Alive
    Ian Chillag hosts a straightforward podcast with one small twist: His interviewees are all inanimate objects. Episode One has you meeting Louis, a can of Go2 Cola. Listen to this if you wanted to listen to a podcast that defies genres and expectations. The podcast recommends that you start at episode one. More information here:

  • How I Built This
    NPR podcaster Guy Raz has been interviewing entrepreneurs since 2016 to dive deep into the stories behind their successes. Hear from thought leaders behind companies such as Angie's List, Zappos, and Kickstarter. Recent episodes also tackle how companies are facing unprecedented and current international challenges. You can find this on NPR One, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and here:

We hope you found something that you might be interested in. Let us know if you have any additional recommendations!

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Finding Ways to Relax at Home

Finding Ways to Relax at Home 0

It's important to take time to relax and unwind while you're at home this weekend. Firefly Pro are true wireless earbuds that help you enjoy music around your home: From morning yoga to a meditative evening, relaxing music really helps you to recenter and breathe. These Bluetooth wireless earbuds with charging case provide 6 hours of music playtime on just a 40 minute charge, so it's got longevity that you can count on. 

As much as there is a lot going on, it's important to step back and reflect. Here are some tips to help you recollect your surroundings:

  1. Check in with family and loved ones over the phone.
    Chances are you're not alone if you're feeling uncertain and stressed out. It is important in general to maintain an emotional support network, but crucial now more than ever. For your next call, try listening rather than talking. Dr. Stephen Sinatra noticed that when he took in patients, their blood pressure readings were higher when they were talking rather than when they sat in silence. Give this a try next time you check in.

  2. Give yourself a scalp massage.
    An often overlooked area, your scalp has tons of nerve endings that can benefit from very light hair tugging and massaging movements. You can even do this to relaxing spa music, and with our wireless headphones, not worry about tangling any wires.

  3. Stay on target with your fitness goals.
    Exercise gives you the endorphins that you need to stay happy. From bodyweight squats to leg lifts, there are plenty of ways to exercise at home. Your Firefly Pro is sweatproof, so feel free to burn off as much stress as you want to.

  4. Try meditation exercises or an afternoon nap.
    Guided meditation has become available online, and there are now plenty of guided videos to help you refocus and reconnect. Similarly, there are also plenty of videos that recreate peaceful nature and landscape sounds that create an ambiance of calm. However long your session, our wireless headphones stay powered on and comfortable so you come out recharged and realigned.

  5. Whether it's herbal tea or water, stay hydrated.
    It's a no-brainer that staying hydrated is key to general wellbeing. This weekend, while you're sitting down to enjoy your favorite beverage, take a few moments to fill out your "happy list" while listening to some cheerful tunes. Fill up this list with everyone and everything that you're grateful in your life, and it'll finally give you a chance to make sure that you keep calm and finish your hot tea before it gets cold. 

We hope that these tips bring you a bit of calm. Thanks for tuning in, and we hope your weekend is relaxing!

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The most common places to use earbuds

The most common places to use earbuds 0

Earbuds are very useful nowadays. People use earbuds while browsing, walking, in the gym and many more places. Earbuds are small, convenient and affordable to bring from one place to another. So, there are many places where you can use earbuds. You can enjoy your workout, do work pleasantly and many more tasks while listening to music. It will make you relax and cope up with frustration. It helps you to get rid of loneliness as well.

So, here is a list of places to use earbuds and enjoy your day:

  • At the gym- For some people exercise becomes boring, but they do to keep themselves fit and healthy. In such cases, using Bluetooth earbuds is the best way. While you listen to your favorite music, you will automatically motivate yourself for exercising. Further, if you are an aerobic passionate, this will help you to move freely without cables getting in your path.
  • In the kitchen- Daily cooking becomes boring for women and hence they have some music or even their favorite podcast as well. As it is not recommended to keep your cell phone near gas, oven or sink, it is a great way to have music. The earbuds help to enjoy music at a distance from the hazards of cooking food.
  • In the garden- Walking with listening to music is a great stress buster. You can have your favorite music by putting on earbuds even in your home garden while mowing the lawn, implanting flowers, picking weeds or just moving. You can freely enjoy without worrying about wires.
  • While using the computer- Well, it is also the best place where you can use earbuds. If you love to browse with music or doing any project on the computer, then earbuds sometimes can help you focus. If you play the music/sound by the out speakers, it will distract other people around you. So using earbuds to enjoy music without disturbing others.
  • While playing games- Playing video games with great music and sound on is the best experience ever. A pair of good quality earbuds can help you improve your enjoyment in gaming.
  • At the beach- Lying down and listening to your favorite tune, this is such a fabulous experience. Having a pair of IPX7 waterproof true wireless earbuds like Firefly.2 will make it even better! 
So, these are the most common places to use earbuds. You can definitely use it anywhere you feel comfortable. Music can give us energy, but we cannot listen to music in public places like bus-stop, traveling and so on where other people get disturbed. Hence, using earbuds is a wise option. 
If you are also fond of music and want to listen to your favorite music anywhere anytime, buy a pair of good quality earbuds. You can visit the Jabees for good quality earbuds at affordable prices. We have multiple options. For more information, visit
Get the top ideas for selecting perfect earphones

Get the top ideas for selecting perfect earphones 0

We know this is a digital age and we use a number of electronic gadgets in our day to day life. They make our life comfortable and easy-going. Among many gadgets, the most favorite and useful gazette nowadays is a mobile. Whether it is a teenager, young or aged person, everybody uses mobile phones. So, when we use mobiles, earphones or earbuds are quite useful. With the help of it, we can listen to music and chat without other people disturbing. You can wear it in your ear and can drive also as they are wireless. Further, you can bring them anywhere with you easily. 

Well, we know it is useful, but how can you Buy True Wireless Earbuds as there are multiple options available in the market. Many people choose waterproof true wireless earbuds while some choose Bluetooth wireless neckband headphones. Before buying an Earbud, you have to first identify your needs.

So, here are the best ideas for selecting perfect earphones. 

  • Convenience - The most important thing you should check is comfort. Any Earbud will feel okay if you wear it for a while. But, when it is for a long time, it becomes uncomfortable. So, when you are going to buy earbuds, check out ear cups. Smaller ear cups are better. Material matters, you should go for leather which can soften the pressure.
  • Sturdiness - When you choose earphones, you should find out its sturdiness. Generally, it is believed that sturdiness relates to a heavier weight. Light earphones can be laid or snapped easily. But, you have to be more cautious while putting them when not using. If they are folded-ups, check out the hooks for durability. 
  • Mobility - Yes, this is also an important thing to consider. When you wish to listen while doing physical activity, then this is the best option. It becomes more convenient. Though nowadays, laptop computers and dense interfaces have made on-location recording becomes more attractive. Yet, it is recommended to have a cover while bringing earbuds from one place to another. 
  • Your requirement - Well, in the market, many kinds of earphones available, but you should buy as per your personal requirement. If you are a style-conscious, you should search for the top quality pair of earbuds that satisfy your spirit. Further, there are multiple colors and designs among which you can choose a unique one. 
  • What you’re a hearing requirement - This matters a lot. Because many earbuds are designed for a particular kind of music. For instance, if you love to hear bass music, then it is not recommended to buy buds that pump outside crackly and twisted audio. Go for the bass earphones which makes you able to sing and groove loud.
  • Price - Price is also an important element. But, when it comes to quality, you should give more priority to better quality rather than price. 

So, these are the tips that you should keep in mind while searching for earbuds. If you want to get the best quality earbuds, have a look at our firm. You can visit our website for more information,