How to Sleep Less and Feel More Refreshed

How to Sleep Less and Feel More Refreshed

If you lived for 60 years, you would have spent 20 years sleeping. 20 years of just snoozing disconnected from the world around you and resting your body. But sleep is more than just resting and relaxing.

In fact, many important functions of our brain and body happen only during sleep. Our body gets rid of fatigue and prepares us for another active day while our brain organizes information, makes memories and gets smarter.

It's not just about the quantity of sleep, the quality of sleep is also very important. Sometimes a small nap gives more energy than six hours of restless sleep.

Many things in our daily life can affect our sleep and health.

How We Can Improve Our Sleep

Many things can interfere with the quality of sleep and a lot of people find it difficult to fall asleep.

Here are six tips that can help improve your sleep.

Tip 1. The most important thing about sleep is to have regularity.

This means going to bed at a similar time every night and waking up at a similar time every morning. Our body has an internal clock, it likes to have a predictable pattern. Try to follow this pattern even on the weekends.

Tip 2. Avoid the use of caffeine six to eight hours before sleep time.

Caffeine is present in coffee tea and most soft drinks. It stimulates the brain and reduces good sleep. The effect of caffeine lasts for up to eight hours. So, if you sleep at 10 pm then don't take caffeine products after 4 pm. Try non-caffeinated drinks in the afternoon and evening.

Tip 3. Have a bedtime routine.

This means that 20 or 30 minutes before sleep practice habits to get yourself ready for sleep. Try changing your clothes, brushing teeth and other relaxing activities. This tells your brain and body to prepare for sleep.

Tip 4. Make your environment comfortable.

Quiet dark and a little cool being in the dark releases a chemical in our brains called melatonin. Avoid bright light and bright screens at least an hour before bedtime. If you are in a bright environment, then cover your eyes with a sleep mask.

Serenity by Jabees is eye mask headphones designed to improve your sleeping environment. This contoured design eye mask blocks out excess light and sound. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can also use Serenity to listen to music.





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