Earbuds vs Headphones for Gaming

Earbuds vs Headphones for Gaming

There's a lot of big debate about wired headphones versus wireless earbuds for any kind of gaming. If you're wondering why people use wireless earbuds over wired headphones or headphones over earbuds before we get into this kind of topic, we just want to say everything is a personal preference.

Let's go over the pros and the cons.

The Pros of Wireless Earbuds

The reason people use earbuds is that there are a lot lighter and less of a mess. Headphones are just a lot heavier. Sometimes they can hurt your ear. After a few hours of gaming, your ears get low itchy with headphones. It just depends on how heavy the headphones are.

Earbuds are a lot cheaper, they're a lot lighter and they can fit a lot more people's ears.

Another pro is that there're not a lot of problems with earbuds. They don’t get tangled up.

The Cons of Wireless Earbuds

Sometimes they can get a little dirty and cleaning them can be a hassle.

Also, some people just don't like the feeling of having earbuds in the ear.

The Pros of Wired Headphones

The sound quality does feel a little bit smoother than in-ear to some people.

Some people like to have a surround sound, some like to feel more into the game.

Headphones block out surround sound. Some people like to have headphones for the noise cancellation if they’re in a loud house. But now, many earbuds also come with that feature. For example, Firefly Vintage are made for mobile gaming. Not only they equip with Environmental Noise Cancellation, they are packed with great tech features to deliver the sound you can feel.

The Cons of Wired Headphones

Your hair does get tented by headphones. A lot of people care about the hair and do style the hair and headphones can't get in the way.

Another con is that they can be sometimes heavy on the ears. After a while, it feels tiring to wear headphones. When you take off the headphones, your ears can get itchy. And it can be annoying.


Try both. If you're using wired headphones, try wireless earbuds. If you are using your wireless earbuds, try wired headphones.

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