Best Gadget Gift Ideas in 2021

Best Gadget Gift Ideas in 2021

The Halloween party, the costume and the trick or treat is finally over. Now let's move on to the next exciting season in the calendar and that is Christmas. The coming holiday is a little bit stressful especially the crazy sales, always sold-out, panic buying and many more.  That's why as early as possible we want to help you to choose the best gadget gift ideas for your friend, family, colleagues or even for your partner. You may want to buy a present of their liking, but surely it's a difficult job to select the proper gadget for an individual. So, you probably have been questioning what to give to someone this Christmas season, so do not fear, we've got you covered. Listed beneath are among the finest wireless earbuds and different superb gadgets which you could purchase only at Jabees


  • Gamers

According to Nbcnews "2020 saw a .25 billion increase in PC gamers from 2019. There's also been an influx of esports gaming at various colleges and universities..." Finding the right accessories or gadgets is vital. Below are some options that you can find in Jabees.


a. Firefly Vintage

The best gaming earbud packs some amazing features, such as Gaming Mode, Dual Microphones and aptX Bluetooth 5.2 technology. Firefly Vintage has an outstanding battery life of up to 10 hours playtime on a single charge, they're perfect for marathon mobile gaming sessions. It has a touch and push button in one to let you control the volume, tracks and calls from a single button on each earbud for easy access.


b. AUC102 - AUX Cord 3.5mm with Mic and Volume Control, 1.5m/4.9ft

Designed for gaming headphones and it's compatible with almost all 3.5mm devices. It has a volume slider and an On/Off button for quick and easy control over your game.


  • Seniors

Parts of our body changes when we grow old including its functions and hearing loss might be one of these changes. Few individuals didn't totally lose their ability to hear, just a mild to moderate hearing loss. That's why they opt for Personal Sound Amplifiers, Personal Sound Amplifiers or PSAPs are low-cost hearing devices compared to hearing aids. For better understanding, PSAPs are not a hearing aid, they are intended to amplify environmental sound for non - hearing-impaired consumers. PSAPs and hearing aids have almost the same features but the only big difference is that hearing aids are FDA approved and PSAPs are not. 

BHearing – The Next-Gen Digital Self-Fitting PSAP Bluetooth Personal Sound Amplifiers

BHearing can personalize your hearing profile via BHearing App making it easier to make adjustments based on the needs. In the BHearing App you can also do self-testing and adjusting the hearing without assistance from a health care provider. BHearing is also Bluetooth handsfree and you can stream music wirelessly. It has a good design and overall fit for the user.


  • Always Traveling

Someone who is always on the go either for work or just a traveler, a little something for them to have a comfortable travel experience.

a. TCM1 Universal Travel Adapter

A Type-C + 3 USB AC Universal Travel Adapter. Featuring an all-in-one design for charging up to 5 devices all at once whether it is your mobile phone, computer, tablet, and a series of electronic products. It connects you with over 150 countries and regions. It also comes with built-in safety shutters to protect the users from direct contact with live parts at the socket, talking about safety.


b. SERENITY - Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask Headphones

SERENITY is a 2 in 1 Bluetooth V5.0 sleep mask headphones that you can use to listen to music and it’s in contoured design that can help to improve your sleep quality! 


c. MCM-948 Wireless Charger Car Mount Holder

A 2-in-1 universal car mount holder can fit the dashboard and air vent of the car. Featuring Qi Wireless Fast Charging, Smart Sensor design for Auto-Clamping & Quick Releasing. Just tap the sensor at the back of the car mount holder and it automatically releases your phone. It also has two mounting modes: dashboard mounting and air vent mounting.


  • Work at home and online class

Even before the pandemic started there were already people who work at home like online Freelancers or others may call them Digital Nomads, few students are homeschooled, and maybe you know someone like them who deserves to have a present this coming holiday season. 


Beecam - 2K High Definition Webcam

Beecam is driver-free, plug and play, compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and above, Mac OS 10.6 and above, Linux 2.6/2.4 and above, Chrome OS 29.0.1547 and above, Ubuntu Version 10.04 or above, and more. 2K full HD autofocus webcam that appears in clear details and vibrant colors with microphone and privacy cover. Beecam comes with a tripod, whose foldable design lets you easily take it anywhere. The 180° Wide angle-adjustable base for a wide field of view. It lets you mount the webcam on any desktop/monitor/laptop/Chromebook/PC/Smart TV/tripod at all orientations.


Different people have different passions. It's not about the most expensive gifts, it's all about the thought that counts. Happy Shopping!

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