Essentials for Hiking

Essentials for Hiking

During this pandemic, the safest way to travel is through road trips, camping or hiking, these are the perfect way to avoid too many people. And during the Autumn season, the best activity to dive in is hiking because the temperatures are cooler, the physical activity is slightly easier. And here are our 5 recommended essentials for hiking.


1. Proper footwear

The best way to avoid hiking accidents is wearing the right hiking shoes. Shoes that are lightweight,  waterproof and can provide support. You may not know what kind of trails you will encounter whether muddy, peak trails with gravel or any difficult trails. It's better to wear the right gear and avoid any accidents. 


2. Bring your own water

You need to keep hydrated during the hike to keep your systems running properly, cool you down when you’re hot, warm you up when you’re cold.  Always remember to bring your own water bottle during the hike and after, and avoid littering. Let's help each other to protect our mother nature.


3. Pack some foods or snacks

Pack some snacks or foods that are high in energy, proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats that are digested more slowly and release a steady supply of energy like granola and energy bars. It is best to have foods that make you feel full but not weigh you down. 


4. Basic tools

Having appropriate footwear, food and water are not only enough for hiking you have to consider safety and essential tools that will help you in your hikes like a whistle, flashlight, multi knife tool, map or compass, first aid kit and other gears that make your hike more comfortable and easier. 


5. Bring your own choice of entertainment.

It's a bit lonely when you are hiking in a solemn mountain or forest, to keep you entertained you can bring your own choice of entertainment like a small music instrument ukulele if you prefer to camp while on a hike or wireless earbuds like Jabees Firefly Vintage. Listening to music while on a hike is a great choice to keep your mood lifted and enjoy the view around you. Just remember to turn on the Transparency Mode to stay aware of the surroundings. It has a touch and push button in one to let you control the volume, tracks and calls from a single button on each earbud for easy access especially if you are busy keeping up your steps during the hike. Plus, Firefly Vintage has an exceptional 10 hours of music playtime on a single charge.

Hiking is good for you no matter what kind of hiking trail. It provides a great whole-body workout from head to toe and everything in between. And it reduces stress, calms anxiety, and can lead to a lower risk of depression once you connect with the outdoor nature. 



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