Finally, you can connect Bluetooth headphones to your Nintendo Switch!

Finally, you can connect Bluetooth headphones to your Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo finally rolled out Bluetooth connection for its Switch and Switch Lite. Nintendo announced on their Twitter on September 15, 2021 "The latest #NintendoSwitch update is now available, including the ability to pair Bluetooth devices for audio output." Users can now listen to audio through various wireless Bluetooth devices instead of wired headsets or built-in speakers. This feature has been missing from Nintendo’s latest console since it launched in 2017 and now it's finally here. 

Pairing  Firefly Vintage  to Nintendo Switch

Check your console first if it's updated, you need to have version 13.0.0 of the system software on your Nintendo Switch. To check if yours is updated or if you need to download and install a newer version. Select the cog icon from the home screen, then choose System and System Update.

Then open the Settings menu. Scroll down to Bluetooth Audio and select Pair Device, then connect the Firefly Vintage. 


Despite the newest update it still has its limitations like only two wireless controllers can connect to a Nintendo Switch at a time (or one pair of Joy-Cons). So if you'd like to use wireless earbuds while playing local multiplayer it will disconnect. 

While you can use your Bluetooth headphones to hear game audio, you can’t use them to chat with friends — that feature is still exclusive to headsets connected via the USB port on the Switch dock or the headphone jack on the system itself. If chatting is a priority, you can use a headset to connect to your Switch via USB while connecting to your phone via Bluetooth for talking on Discord or the Switch Online app. Although the Bluetooth microphones can’t be used, I think this is NOT a huge setback from using Firefly Vintage wireless earbuds because you are going to enjoy your Nintendo Switch audio how it's supposed to sound. 

Regardless of the limitations, the idea of playing the Nintendo Switch in a handheld mode without worrying about any cables is satisfying. And you won't worry anyone around you by forcing them to listen to your game music.

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