Get In The Game with AUC102 - AUX Cable with Mic and Remote

Get In The Game with AUC102 - AUX Cable with Mic and Remote

Don't miss out on the action: Connect your favorite headsets to your gaming controller with AUC102's AUX cables. AUC102 comes packed with features and the very same quality and dependability that you've come to expect from Jabees. Find out more below!


No corners were cut when designing AUC102. The craftsmanship is even evident in thoughtful details. Gold-plated connectors provide the best sound transmission and durability. It's literally the gold standard in electronics, offering stability and superior connectivity even when used over time. Plus, the braided nylon keeps the cord super durable and prevents tangling. There's nothing worse than wear and tear ripping apart plastic sleeving, so we built AUC102 to last.


Getting started is as simple as plugging one end of AUC102's AUX cable to your headset and the other end into a compatible device with a 3.5mm port. This means, whether you're playing on the Xbox or Playstation, AUC102 immerses you in the action and lets you chat with your party.

We weren't stingy with the cable length. At over a yard in length, there's ample room for movement. There's nothing worse than straining your back while gaming because the cable is too short. You won't have to worry about that with AUC102.

With a volume slider and additional functionality at the push of a button, AUC102 has your gaming and music needs covered. In case you needed it, it even includes an in-line microphone for audio-in, which can be handy for voice commands or other audio needs.

AUC102 is one of two offerings we have for gamers. With most of us spending more time at home, making small changes for comfort is well worth it in the long run. Sometimes, that means dusting off your favorite games and giving them another playthrough. Or it means hitting up your friends and playing an MMORPG together, chatting and making fun memories while doing so. Whatever the case may be, AUC102 has you covered. Pick one up here today!

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