How to clean and disinfect your electronic devices

How to clean and disinfect your electronic devices

We have been careful enough and follow the health protocols like social distancing, wearing face masks and proper hand washing but there is something that we never take seriously, disinfecting our gadgets and electronic devices regularly. Cross-contamination is a real threat without knowing.


In addition to social distancing, washing hands regularly and wearing a face mask, companies have created UV sanitizer devices to help reduce bacteria and germs on your phones and other electronic devices. Jabees is one of the companies that took a chance to develop light sanitizing devices that are effective and convenient. 


1. JB-BOX - Portable UV Light Sterilizer Box

In the UV light spectrum, there are UV-A, B, and C lights. Only the UV-C light can kill germs. The UV-C lights inside JB-BOX kill germs without harmful heat, liquids or chemicals. It can be used to sanitize jewelry, watches, wallets, and so on with just one click and it kills 99.99% of germs. Another quality or feature of JB-BOX is you can add a droplet of liquid fragrance, diffuse a pleasant scent for your items while sanitizing. You can sanitize anything that fits inside using the fast mode ( 5 minutes) if you are in a hurry or the standard mode (10 minutes).




2. JB-WAND - The Handheld UV Sterilizer Wand to Disinfect Germs

The Pandemic Era not only changed the business industry but also accelerated the behavior of online shopping. This indicates that people nowadays receive different packages of different sizes from different hands. JB-WAND is the perfect tool to sanitize phones, toys, keyboards, laptops and toothbrushes, it can also sanitize pillows, clothes, bed stuff and others. It has UV-C light that is capable of destroying disease-causing pathogens including various bacteria and viruses. Simply wave it over your target and it scans to kill 99.9% of bacteria. You don't have to worry about UV radiation that can cause skin irritation because it will automatically turn off once overturned.




Overall, if you want to take an extra step to kill the bacteria on your gadgets and electronic devices and other personal items, then consider ordering a UV light sanitizer from Jabees.

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