Labor Day Day Gift Ideas for your Employees

Labor Day Day Gift Ideas for your Employees

Labor Day is celebrated around the world on different days of the year. They have different traditions on how they celebrated this special day. In the United States, Labor Day is celebrated every first Monday of September. It is also a perfect day to reward your employees for their hard work with gifts. So with this special day, I have rounded up some gift ideas as a token of appreciation.

1. MCM-948 Wireless Charger Car Mount Holder

The best car phone holder is an important accessory for any type of vehicle. It should be ideal for hands-free calls, navigation and convenient to use while driving. 

A 2-in-1 universal car mount holder can fit the dashboard and air vent of the car. Featuring Qi Wireless Fast Charging, Smart Sensor design for Auto-Clamping & Quick Releasing. Just tap the sensor at the back of the car mount holder and it automatically releases your phone. It also has two mounting modes: dashboard mounting and air vent mounting.




2. SERENITY - Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask Headphones

You already have many things to worry about at work and having a good quality of sleep can help you to relax and re-energize the next day. Jabees SERENITY provides a high quality sleep mask, it is very helpful to those who need to be surrounded by complete darkness to fall asleep.  SERENITY is a Bluetooth sleeping eye mask designed to help you sleep better. Our eye mask blocks out excess sound and light to improve your sleeping environment. On top of this, choosing your own music gives you a head start on relaxation, especially if you've had a stressful day. We feel that Serenity will help take care of those worries for you, so you can get to sleep right away.

3. MAG-C Ultra Slim Magnetic Wireless Charger with Magnet Ring

Mobile phones are becoming essentials nowadays and plugging cables into your mobile phone is quite very inconvenient. That's why Jabees make it very easy for you with the MAG-C Ultra Slim Magnetic Wireless Charger with Magnet Ring. It has a built-in magnetic ring that keeps your phone perfectly centered on the charging pad for faster and more consistent charging. Hassle-free of plugs and cables and keep your desktop neat and organized. Lightweight and compact design, and portable, easy to carry around.

Showing appreciation to someone is not only during Labor Day but everyday and it would mean the world to the receiver. Remember no thoughtful gift is too small.

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