Must have Travel Gadgets while Travelling

Must have Travel Gadgets while Travelling

It's been a while since you are confined in the comfort of your home and the country you live in are implementing travel restrictions. Today, most countries, especially Asia, begin to open their doors for the new normal of travelling. Travelers are starting to get ready to be back in the beaches, mountains and monuments. And we've created a list of the top travel gadgets for you so you have the best gadgets at your disposal while travelling! Go on and find out which ones are your favorite's:


1. Noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds

In case you forgot airports, terminals and any mode of transportation are quite noisy. Noise-cancelling headphones are your best option, choose headphones or earbuds that are comfortable, lightweight and have noise-cancelling abilities and good sound quality. 

I highly recommend the Firefly Vintage. It has an outstanding battery life of up to 10 hours of music playtime perfect for long travel and it has noise cancellation. Firefly Vintage has high-resolution audio that you can hear even the smallest details best for tuning in to that movie while on the plane or bus, much more enjoyable than with any pair you can buy. In addition to aptX Bluetooth technology, it is also wireless with patented touch and push button.


2. Sleep Mask

Sleep masks help travelers to adjust to different time zones and minimize the effects of jet lag. And they are a lifesaver for those moments when your plane neighbor insists on being the only one to use the overhead LED light on red-eye. Sleep is also very important for travelers who get uncomfortable during travel, sleep is one of the options to try just to escape from dizziness and nausea, you will never notice that you have already arrived at your destination once you wake up. 

Jabees offers SERENITY, it's not only a sleep mask but a 2 in 1 Bluetooth V5.0 sleep mask headphones that you can use to listen to music and it is  a Contoured Design Eye Mask that can help and improve your sleep quality! The built-in earplug in the mask fits perfectly in your ear canal even when you are side sleeping. It has plenty of space for the eyes and the eyelids to rest, a nose baffle to prevent light from creeping through, and memory foam to provide optimum comfort and softness. With over 11 hours of music playtime and over 5 days of standby time, this is definitely a sleep aid that will perform. Whether you're catching a quick nap or sleeping in, you deserve the best rest you can possibly get.


3. Universal Travel Adapter

You definitely need a universal travel adapter. The purpose of the travel adapter is to help the plugs on your electronic devices to fit into other countries' outlets so they can charge and work as they do in your own home country. After all, a universal travel adapter is more than just luxury on your vacation; it's also about safety and security. You don't want to be faced with a dead phone or laptop battery when you need them most! 

TCM1 Universal Travel Adapter from Jabees is a Type-C + 3 USB AC Universal Travel Adapter. Featuring an all-in-one design for charging up to 5 devices all at once whether it is your mobile phone, computer, tablet, and a series of electronic products. It connects you with over 150 countries and regions. It also comes with built-in safety shutters to protect the users from direct contact with live parts at the socket, talking about safety.



At the end of the day, technology is important in the modern world to ensure safety wherever you go. It is always better to take extra measures for security than face the trouble especially during this new normal of travelling. 



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