Need a Webcam? Why You Should Get A Beecam

Need a Webcam? Why You Should Get A Beecam

Video conferencing and video calls have become the new normal today. Whether it’s for remote work, virtual business meetings, or hosting a webinar, one of your top priorities is making sure your streaming webcam produces clear crystal picture quality. 

While it’s almost certain your laptop comes with an in-built webcam but like other laptops, the webcam just doesn’t cut it. It has several limitations, picture quality ranking top. This is why many opt for external webcams, they provide more options and certainly better picture quality. 

We’ve put together a number of key things to note before getting yourself a webcam and why Beecam is your best choice.

Video Resolution

This is arguably one of the most important features you should look out for before getting that webcam. Getting a webcam that captures a minimum resolution of 720p or higher is a must! You want to make sure the video clarity it captures, is top notch otherwise, you might as well stick with your laptop webcam. 

Beecam 2k HD Resolution Webcam

However, to get the best quality in your videos and appear even more professional,  you should opt for Beecam! It is one of the most affordable webcams in the market today that remarkably provides a 2k high definition video quality. This helps you create full HD quality videos and appear professional in all your video calls or recording. 

Compatibility and Installation

The last thing you want is getting a streaming webcam and discovering it isn’t compatible with your PC or streaming software. It is important for you to ensure the webcam works with nearly all devices and softwares. In other words, it should be plug and play. Easy to use and no need for extra installation software or tech support to get it to work.

Let’s face it, you probably won’t be using just one software to record or make video calls. With several platforms like Zoom, Skype, Facebook, OBS and many more available today for video streaming, you want to make sure your webcam is compatible with these platforms and can connect in one go!

Beecam wide application webcam

This is why Beecam comes strongly recommended, a driver-free plug and play usb camera for PC with universal compatibility. Works with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome and many more. It is optimized for several video streaming applications and supports multiple social and gaming platforms. 

Wide Field of View

If you’re hosting a virtual conference, business meeting or even a family call, chances are you may want to make a presentation, write on a board or even walk around the room while on the call. This is where a webcam with a wider field of view is important. 


Beecam wide angle webcam

You need a webcam that covers the room without reducing the video quality. Beecam gives you this coverage. It comes with a 180° Wide angle-adjustable base for a wider field of view. You can host a small conference, or have a group family call without worrying about the video quality or no one fitting in. 

Sound Quality

This is another feature you don’t want to overlook. The quality of sound in your video is just as important as the picture quality. You don’t want to be that person with great video but crappy audio quality. Whether on a conference call or business meeting, your audio quality must be just as great as the video quality you produce. Getting a webcam with a built-in mic that provides exceptional audio quality gives you a great advantage. 

Beecam built-in mic webcam

Beecam’s built-in mic automatically adjusts to capture sound for the entire length of the room, no matter how the meeting room is set up. As you move around the room, you won’t have to worry about being heard, the audio will be just as great! And if it’s a conference call or meeting, everyone in the room gets to be heard without having to come close to the PC. 

Now you know what to look out for in getting your external webcam and why it should be Beecam. It boasts of astounding features in one webcam at an unbelievable price of less than $30. Making Beecam your choice is a no brainer, you pay less for more!

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