Top 10 Songs to Shovel Snow To (Or Any Outside Winter Chore)

Top 10 Songs to Shovel Snow To (Or Any Outside Winter Chore)

Depending on where you live, you may have had a ton of snowfall. While people in warmer climates envy snowball fights and picturesque wintry landscapes, the reality is you have to clear it off of your walkway, driveway, and car if you need to get anywhere. It’s not a fun chore at all. What can you do to make shoveling snow easier? It helps to actually stretch before you go out into the snow and lift with your legs so you avoid any injuries. 

If the snowstorms have passed for the season or you don’t get snow, you won’t have to worry about this chore. Now’s the perfect time to get a head start on outdoor cleaning, whether that’s clearing out the gutters or planning a beautiful garden for spring. Whatever you’re doing outside your home, definitely remember to take frequent breaks. Whether you’re on break or working make sure you have a playlist ready to listen to through your earbuds. If you're in need of new earbuds, check out our True Wireless Earbuds here. We put together some of the freshest releases for the new year for you to listen to while you’re cleaning.

1. Gryffin — Gryffin, Audrey Mika - Safe With Me (Acoustic)

Stay cozy with the acoustic version of this new hit from Gryffin, bound to make you crave a warm cocoa when you get back in the house.

2. Tom Grennan — Little Bit of Love

It's tough work ahead of you, but good on you showing your driveway a little bit of love. No slips and falls later!

3. Claud - Cuff Your Jeans (Official Video)

Claud captures the feeling of missing warmer weather, school, and roadtrips with this new single.

4. Zane Alexander - Momentum

Looking for something more instrumental? Zane Alexander adds a bit of momentum to help add some momentum to the brief monotony.

5. Moullinex - Ven

If you're a fan of Progressive/House music, you'll enjoy the vibes coming from Moullinex's Ven. It's a great accompaniment to your chores outside.

6. Beach Bunny - Nice Guys

If you like to rock out when you wake up, you'll like Beach Bunny's newest album released just a few days ago. Nice Guys delivers with energetic bass riffs.

7. guccihighwaters - "hold somebody" (feat. powfu and sarcastic sounds)

Is it especially cloudy out this morning? Tune in to this fresh track by guccihighwaters that's smooth and moody.

8. Joshua Bassett - Lie Lie Lie

If you're the type to take your frustration out on hard chores, Lie Lie Lie is definitely your BGM for the moment. Good work on kissing snow hassles goodbye!

9. Juice WRLD ft. Young Thug - Bad Boy

Play this if you're cold and need some fire to get going. RIP rap legend Juice WRLD.

10. Gallant - Comeback.

Now, maybe you're out in the cold because you messed up and are shoveling snow as a punishment. Want to get back in good graces? Gallant's got you with his R&B vocals.


Whatever chores take you outside in the cold, cold outdoors, we hope you find a song you like and that it makes your day a bit more warmer.

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