Top Podcasts to Listen to While Doing Housework

Top Podcasts to Listen to While Doing Housework

Spring is here and with it comes Spring Cleaning! However, especially if you've got family or roommates, you may want to tune out their music and listen to something else this weekend. Listen to some podcasts using our Firefly.2 headphones, which are waterproof true wireless earbuds with a battery life that lasts. You can listen to anything, from the news to comedy, all day long.

Join in on the fun: 49% of podcast listeners do so at home! Here are some top podcasts to try this season:

  • Serial
    Sarah Koenig hosts this true-crime podcast. One true story is told throughout a season and keeps the listeners on the edge of their seats. There are currently three seasons out, and Serial has won many broadcasting awards, such as the duPont-Columbia, Scripps Howard, and a Peabody. Catch this on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Pandora. They also have a website with more information here:

  • Judge John Hodgman
    Humorist John Hodgman hosts a comedy podcast where he acts as the presiding judge, with Jesse Thorn as bailiff, mediating real-life disputes within a fictional courtroom. The "lawsuits" include hilarious questions such as "Can I make my spouse finish packing by 10 PM the day before travel?" and "Can I bring hot sauce with me when dining out?". You can find more information here:

  • 99% Invisible
    Host and creator Roman Mars delves into the intricacies of all of the underrated design and architecture that shapes our daily lives. From interviewing the creator of custom ringtones to discussing airport design, Mars gets the listener thinking about new concepts and ideas. Wired, Business Insider, and Forbes have all featured this Kickstarter-funded podcast. More information here:

  • Everything Is Alive
    Ian Chillag hosts a straightforward podcast with one small twist: His interviewees are all inanimate objects. Episode One has you meeting Louis, a can of Go2 Cola. Listen to this if you wanted to listen to a podcast that defies genres and expectations. The podcast recommends that you start at episode one. More information here:

  • How I Built This
    NPR podcaster Guy Raz has been interviewing entrepreneurs since 2016 to dive deep into the stories behind their successes. Hear from thought leaders behind companies such as Angie's List, Zappos, and Kickstarter. Recent episodes also tackle how companies are facing unprecedented and current international challenges. You can find this on NPR One, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and here:

We hope you found something that you might be interested in. Let us know if you have any additional recommendations!

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