Finding Ways to Relax at Home

Finding Ways to Relax at Home

It's important to take time to relax and unwind while you're at home this weekend. Firefly Pro are true wireless earbuds that help you enjoy music around your home: From morning yoga to a meditative evening, relaxing music really helps you to recenter and breathe. These Bluetooth wireless earbuds with charging case provide 6 hours of music playtime on just a 40 minute charge, so it's got longevity that you can count on. 

As much as there is a lot going on, it's important to step back and reflect. Here are some tips to help you recollect your surroundings:

  1. Check in with family and loved ones over the phone.
    Chances are you're not alone if you're feeling uncertain and stressed out. It is important in general to maintain an emotional support network, but crucial now more than ever. For your next call, try listening rather than talking. Dr. Stephen Sinatra noticed that when he took in patients, their blood pressure readings were higher when they were talking rather than when they sat in silence. Give this a try next time you check in.

  2. Give yourself a scalp massage.
    An often overlooked area, your scalp has tons of nerve endings that can benefit from very light hair tugging and massaging movements. You can even do this to relaxing spa music, and with our wireless headphones, not worry about tangling any wires.

  3. Stay on target with your fitness goals.
    Exercise gives you the endorphins that you need to stay happy. From bodyweight squats to leg lifts, there are plenty of ways to exercise at home. Your Firefly Pro is sweatproof, so feel free to burn off as much stress as you want to.

  4. Try meditation exercises or an afternoon nap.
    Guided meditation has become available online, and there are now plenty of guided videos to help you refocus and reconnect. Similarly, there are also plenty of videos that recreate peaceful nature and landscape sounds that create an ambiance of calm. However long your session, our wireless headphones stay powered on and comfortable so you come out recharged and realigned.

  5. Whether it's herbal tea or water, stay hydrated.
    It's a no-brainer that staying hydrated is key to general wellbeing. This weekend, while you're sitting down to enjoy your favorite beverage, take a few moments to fill out your "happy list" while listening to some cheerful tunes. Fill up this list with everyone and everything that you're grateful in your life, and it'll finally give you a chance to make sure that you keep calm and finish your hot tea before it gets cold. 

We hope that these tips bring you a bit of calm. Thanks for tuning in, and we hope your weekend is relaxing!

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