BHearing – The Next-Gen Digital Self-Fitting PSAP Bluetooth Personal Sound Amplifiers

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BHearing is the personal sound amplifier (PSAP) headphones with an App for customization. It works as the sound amplifiers to help you understand conversation better in any environment. It's discreet, yet stylish. Perfect for all ages. Plus, with the BHearing App, the users can create the personalized hearing profile and control the noise and surrounding sound.

  • Self-test your hearing without a doctor's visit.
  • Your personalized hearing profile via APP
  • Active noise cancellation with adjustable levels
  • With detachable & rechargeable battery for ALL DAY HEARING BOOST
  • With portable charging case
  • Bluetooth handsfree calling & music streaming
  • Modern & stylish design for all ages
  • AFC - Adaptive feedback cancellation
  • Sweat Proof IPX4

The BHearing device features a detachable and rechargeable battery. You can purchase spare batteries and charging cases HERE.

  • BHearing App

    Self hearing test, program and control

  • Worry-Free Trial

    7-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Warranty

    1-Year warranty policy

  • After-Sale Service

    24/7 support

  • Product Specifications
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Technical Specifications

Multifunctional Hearing Device

Hearing Boost, Music Streaming, and Phone Calls.

BHearing App

Self hearing test, program and control

Bluetooth Compatibility

Yes - using the premium Bluetooth DSP chip by Microchip.

Sound Quality

High-fidelity sound quality with built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

Maximum OSPL (Output Sound Pressure Level)

116 dB

Average Full-On Gain

40 dB

Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)

16.9 dB

AFC (Adaptive Feedback Cancellation)

Applying the algorithm for howling suppression

MFA (Millisecond Frequency Adjustment)

To detect and analyze High Definition Voice from 20Hz to 20,000Hz and identify high frequency consonants then processing it in real-time with minimal distortion and maximum clarity.

32-Level EQ Adjustments

Applying on hearing amplifiers, music and phone calls.

Professional Support

24/7 Support Desk

For questions and problems, you can always 
get in touch with our support desk, so we can get you back, up and running.


The Smart Bluetooth Personal Sound Amplifier Headphones That Adapts To You


BHearing works just like a hearing-aid to help you understand conversation better in any environment. It's discreet, yet stylish. Perfect for all ages. Plus, with the BHearing App, you can create your personalized hearing profile so you can be the master of your surroundings, anytime, anywhere. 


Enhance Your Hearing

BHearing is specially designed to help you hear every word of your conversation in challening social settings


Better Hearing in Different Environments

Easily access your perset models as necesary for different social settings. The BHearing App allows you to fine tune these profiles in real time whenever you feel the need. 

Active Noise Reduction Technology

Focus on what you want to hear and filter out the noises you don't.

You Are In Control Of The Noise Around You

Tune up and down the noise reduction level based on different social settings. Create your personalized hearing profile by adjusting the frequency bands according to your needs.

Protect Your Ears with INR Technology

Automatically suppress the impulse sound to prevent harm to your hearing

Charging On The Go

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